Project: Regional Planning Coordination

Regional Planning Coordination Overview

ColumbiaGrid participates in several formal and informal activities to ensure coordination of its transmission planning efforts with entities and groups both inside and outside of its planning footprint.

Through our membership in the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) we participate in the Operating Committee, the Planning Coordination Committee and the Market Interface Committee.  We are also an active member of WECC's Transmission Expansion Planning Policy Committee (TEPPC), which is specifically designated to perform planning expansion studies and to work with recognized sub-regional planning groups, such as ColumbiaGrid.

In addition to WECC, ColumbiaGrid also participates in the Northwest Power Pool committees and in ongoing planning meetings with groups and utilities that are adjacent to the ColumbiaGrid footprint



Status: Active

Lead Staff:
Patrick Damiano   Contact

08/27/2008 FERC Participation in Sub-Regional Planning Group Mtg (v: 1)   

RC ParticipationTEPPC mtg .pdf   download>


08/22/2008 TEPPC-Charter (v: 1)   

TEPPC-Charter[1].pdf   download>