Study Team: Gas-Electric Interdependencies Study Team

Gas-Electric Interdependencies Study Team Overview

A large number of natural gas powered generators are located in the I-5 corridor and are needed to provide reliable electric service to the major load areas west of the Cascade Mountains. Traditional planning studies have assumed that the natural gas supply to these plants is available when needed and is unlimited. The Gas-Electric Interdependencies Study Team was formed to investigate whether this assumption on gas availability is appropriate. In addition, if there are situations where the gas system may be limited in its ability to deliver gas to the power plants, the study team will assess whether these limitations could lead to electric system reliability issues.  This effort will be closely coordinated with the Pacific Northwest Utilities Conference Committee (PNUCC) and the Northwest Gas Association (NWGA) which are also investigating the Interdependencies between the gas and electric systems.



Status: Active

04/23/2013 Gas-Electric I5 Gas Curtailment Study Final Report (4.23.13) (v: 1)   

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10/12/2021 Gas-Electric Interdependencies Status Report (v: 12Oct12)   

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