Study Team: PDCI Project Coordination Group

PDCI Project Coordination Group Overview

The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) is studying the Pacific Direct Current Intertie (PDCI), Path 65, to increase its rating from its present rating of 3100 MW to 3220 MW for north to south power flow. No change is proposed for the south to north direction. This increase will be realized by increasing the operating voltage at the northern terminal, the Celilo Converter Station, from +500 kV to + 520 kV while maintaining the present current rating of 3100 A. The voltage at the southern terminal, the Sylmar Converter Station, will increase by approximately 20 kV, which is within the capability of existing terminal equipment. The PDCI study is currently going through the Phase 1 of WECC’s rating process.


Timeframe: on-going

Status: Active

Lead Staff:
Jonathan Young   Contact

12/06/2021 PDCI Upgrade Phase 2 Report with PRG Input (v: PDCI Upgrade Phase 2 Report with PRG Input)   

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09/16/2016 PDCI Phase 2 Report (v: PDCI Phase 2 Report)   

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09/16/2016 Transient Results - Nevada Energy (v: Transient Results - Nevada Energy)   

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05/04/2021 PDCI Phase 1 Comp Progress Report Binder (1.5.15) (v: 1)   

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10/23/2014 PDCI_Phase1_Kick-Off (v: 1)   

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06/20/2013 PDCI Project Coordination Report Draft (6.19.13) (v: 1)   

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