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Order 1000 Regional Overview

ColumbiaGrid’s transmission planning mission and process is defined and enabled by the Planning and Expansion Functional Agreement (“PEFA”) and works in conjunction with the regulatory overlay of the Order 1000 Functional Agreement to enable ColumbiaGrid’s Planning Parties to meet, and go beyond, their respective FERC Order 890 or Order 1000 requirements.Click here for further information about ColumbiaGrid's Order 1000 activities.

FERC Order No. 1000 builds on the reforms of FERC Order No. 890 with the objective of correcting perceived remaining deficiencies with respect to transmission planning processes and cost allocation methods. Accordingly, Order No. 1000 specifies certain requirements in three primary areas: (1) regional planning and cost allocation; (2) non-incumbent transmission developers; and, (3) interregional transmission planning coordination and cost allocation. To comply with the first two areas, the four Planning Regions within the Western Interconnection (California ISO, ColumbiaGrid, Northern Tier Transmission Group, and WestConnect) have independently been working with their stakeholders to develop the necessary tariff amendments and to file those with the FERC by October 11, 2012.

Fourth Amended and Restated Order 1000 Functional Agreement



Status: Active

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