Study Team: 1-5 Corridor Regional Planning Study Team

1-5 Corridor Regional Planning Study Team Overview

ColumbiaGrid initiated a WECC Regional Planning Project Review Process for the BPA sponsored I-5 Corridor Project in June 2007. A Regional Planning Review Group was formed to study this project. This study effort resulted in the Regional Planning Project Report that was sent to WECC on January 31 for a 30-day comment period. No comments were received on this report. On March 21 WECC notified its members that it had accepted the Regional Planning Project Review for the I-5 Corridor project. This study team has concluded its work.
The I-5 Corridor project is currently going through the Phase 1 Rating process via the WECC Technical Study Coordination Group.


Timeframe: Study Completed

Status: Inactive

03/26/2008 I-5 Corridor Regional Planning Letter (v: 1)   

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02/01/2022 I-5 Corridor Project Regional Planning Compliance Report (v: sent)   

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09/05/2021 I-5 Corridor Meeting Notice (9.5.07) (v: 1)   

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