Study Team: Woodland Study Team

Woodland Study Team Overview

Study cases have been posted for review. These cases were generated from the Bonneville Power modeling group's master database and were modified by ColumbiaGrid to meet flow gate targets and specified Lewis River generation levels. The cases are with and without the BPA I-5 project (Castle Rock-Troutdale 500kV) and are provided in PowerWorld binary format as well as PSS/E RAW format, saved in a 6.8 MB .zip file.

Generation Levels for the Lewis River Hydro plants are as follows:

(Some of these levels are below the agreed upon targets as the rated capability in the model did not allow for such high levels.) 


Plant Total Output in MW

Season Merwin Yale Swift #1 Swift #2
Spring 135 163 234 70
Summer 115 163 234 70
Winter 135 150 234 70


Relevant Path Flows in the cases are as follows:


Cases without Castle Rock - Troutdale

Path Flow in MW

Season South of Allston COI PDCI Northwest - Canada
Spring 2604 4742 3098 -500
Summer 3000 3512 3101 -1099
Winter 1464 827 942 1501


Cases with Castle Rock - Troutdale

Path Flow in MW

Season South of Allston COI PDCI Northwest - Canada
Spring 2817 4743 3098 -500
Summer 4088 4802 3101 -2348
Winter 1517 827 942 1501

South of Allston flows were targeted to be at or near system capability.






Status: Active

12/05/2021 Woodland Study Report (v: 1)   

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06/04/2021 Woodland Contingency Results (v: 6_4)   

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