Project: Biennial Transmission Expansion Plan

Biennial Transmission Expansion Plan Overview

ColumbiaGrid’s planning and expansion agreement calls for preparation of a biennial transmission expansion plan based on the principle of single-utility planning.  The plan is to address a 10-year planning horizon and is intended to identify and resolve the projected needs of parties to the agreement so they can meet long-term firm transmission obligations. 

Each biennial transmission expansion plan starts with the existing firm transmission plans of utilities in the ColumbiaGrid footprint and is followed by a system assessment to determine the areas of the system that do not meet reliability standards. Study teams are created to resolve the reliability issues identified in the system assessment. The plans that are developed to resolve these issues are then included in the biennial transmission expansion plan. 



Status: Active

Lead Staff:
Jonathan Young   Contact

Additional Staff

09/17/2020 2020_BTEP_PROPOSED (9.17.20) (v: 2020_BTEP_PROPOSED (9.17.20))   

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08/21/2020 2020_BTEP_DRAFT (8.21.20) (v: 2020_BTEP_DRAFT (8.21.20))   

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04/24/2019 2019 Biennial Transmission Expansion Plan (BTEP) (v: 2019 Biennial Transmission Expansion Plan (BTEP))   

Final_2019_BTEP_v12.pdf   download>


03/21/2019 WPR Response 2_19_2019 Stakeholder Comments Final (v: WPR Response 2_19_2019 Stakeholder Comments Final)   

...derComments_FINAL_03.18.19.pdf   download>


01/08/2021 2017 Biennial Transmission Expansion Plan (BTEP) (v: 2017 Biennial Transmission Plan (BTEP))   

...ransmission Expansion Plan.pdf   download>


02/18/2016 2016 Update to the 2015 Biennial Plan (v: 2)   

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