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Published: December 20, 2021

Planning Team Announces 2018 Order 1000 Needs Meeting

Greetings Planning and Expansion Participants and Interested Persons;

As part of 2018 planning activities, ColumbiaGrid will hold the first planning meeting on February 8, 2022 between 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM. This meeting, which is also called Order 1000 Needs Meeting, will be held at ColumbiaGrid’s offices located in Portland, Oregon.

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss Order 1000 Potential Needs that should be included in the upcoming system assessment, the scope and assumptions of 2018 System Assessment, and other issues that are related to ColumbiaGrid’s planning activities. In order to provide some input regarding Order 1000 Potential Needs, Interested Persons may submit suggestions of items that should be considered for inclusion as Order 1000 Potential Need(s) to ColumbiaGrid by February 7, 2018.

In general, these suggestions may be driven by (i) reliability requirements, (ii) economic considerations, or (iii) Public Policy Requirements and they must be submitted to ColumbiaGrid in writing to the email mailbox [email protected] A copy of the submission form and other documents for this meeting as the presentations or other documents will be made available on ColumbiaGrid’s website at:

If you have any questions please contact Paul Didsayabutra at [email protected]



Member: Avista Corporation      Project: ColumbiaGrid     

"In ColumbiaGrid, we now have the ability to resolve the three fundamental transmission questions: What transmission facilities should be built? Who should build them? Who should pay for them? With ColumbiaGrid's independent staff and process to resolve disputes, we can answer these questions effectively and in a timely fashion to facilitate our region's new resource development needs."
~~ Jeff Schlect, Manager, Transmission Services, Avista