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Published: November 20, 2021

ColumbiaGrid welcomes Senior Planning Engineers, Larry Furumasu and Bo Gong

Larry joins ColumbiaGrid having recently retired from the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) after a thirty-eight-year career in the Transmission Planning and Customer Service engineering organizations of BPA. He brings a wealth of Pacific Northwest experience to ColumbiaGrid, having served as a study team lead related to the reliability and expansion plans, including conducting system impact studies, interconnection studies, and reliability assessments for NERC compliance certification. Mr. Furumasu was also a co-lead for BPA’s Attachment K regional planning coordination process.

Larry is a native of Spokane, Washington, and attended Washington State University, Pullman, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. He is married with four grown children and lives in Oregon.


Bo joins ColumbiaGrid having spent the past year at an independent system operator in New York state, where he was the technical lead on various transmission planning and interconnection studies. Prior to his independent system operator experience, he was employed by a major developer of transmission planning software, where he was primarily responsible for dynamic modeling and model validation of various types of power system devices. In his role, he collaborated with many of the local and international major manufacturers of power system equipment. He also performed transmission planning studies and simulation software research and development. Mr. Gong has a strong background in power system dynamics and stability analysis. Although he is early in his career, he has already authored, or co-authored, over twenty industry-related publications.

Bo is a native of China and attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he earned a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. He is married and recently relocated to the Pacific Northwest.


ColumbiaGrid's mission is to improve the planning, expansion, and efficient use of the Northwest Transmission Grid.


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Avista Corporation

"In ColumbiaGrid, we now have the ability to resolve the three fundamental transmission questions: What transmission facilities should be built? Who should build them? Who should pay for them? With ColumbiaGrid's independent staff and process to resolve disputes, we can answer these questions effectively and in a timely fashion to facilitate our region's new resource development needs."
~~ Jeff Schlect, Manager, Transmission Services, Avista