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Published: October 26, 2021

Third Restated Planning Agreement

For Immediate Release
ColumbiaGrid Stakeholders and Interested Parties: On October 11, 2012, ColumbiaGrid Members Avista Corporation (Avista), Bonneville Power Administration (Bonneville), and Puget Sound Energy (PSE), each submitted Order 1000 related filings to the FERC containing revised Attachment K’s and the ColumbiaGrid Third Amended and Restated Planning and Expansion Functional Agreement (“Third Restated PEFA”).   Jurisdictional Transmission Owners, Avista and PSE, made compliance filings, while Bonneville’s filing was under its reciprocity tariff.   Links to these filings are below:
Avista Corporation:
Bonneville Power Administration
Puget Sound Energy, Inc.:
“The filings were the culmination of a lot of hard work over this past year by the eleven ColumbiaGrid Planning Participants,” said Jeff Miller, ColumbiaGrid’s vice president of planning. “ColumbiaGrid looks forward to filling its role in assisting the PEFA parties in solving the complex issues related to cost allocation and grid expansion.” 
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“Commission”) issued its final rule Transmission Planning and Cost Allocation by Transmission Owning and Operating Public Utilities, Order No. 1000, on July 11, 2011, requiring that jurisdictional transmission providers make certain changes to the regional transmission planning process in which they participate. The PEFA is intended to support and facilitate multi-system planning through a coordinated, open, and transparent process and is intended to facilitate transmission expansion based upon such planning. The parties to the PEFA are a diverse mix of jurisdictional entities (public utilities) and non-jurisdictional entities who worked together and with stakeholders to develop the Third Restated and Amended PEFA to satisfy the requirements of Order No. 1000. On Wednesday, October 17, 2012, the ColumbiaGrid Members voted unanimously at the Biannual Member Meeting to ratify ColumbiaGrid’s signature to the Third Restated PEFA.
ColumbiaGrid, a non-profit membership corporation, was formed in 2006 to improve the operational efficiency, reliability, and planned expansion of the northwest transmission grid. The members are Avista Corp., Bonneville Power Administration, Chelan County PUD, Grant County PUD, Puget Sound Energy, Seattle City Light, Snohomish County PUD and Tacoma Power. Cowlitz PUD, Douglas County PUD and Enbridge Inc. are non-member participants in PEFA.

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Member: Avista Corporation      Project: ColumbiaGrid     
Avista Corporation

"In ColumbiaGrid, we now have the ability to resolve the three fundamental transmission questions: What transmission facilities should be built? Who should build them? Who should pay for them? With ColumbiaGrid's independent staff and process to resolve disputes, we can answer these questions effectively and in a timely fashion to facilitate our region's new resource development needs."
~~ Jeff Schlect, Manager, Transmission Services, Avista