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Grid Reliability & Expansion Planning (Core Services Overview)

Grid Reliability & Expansion Planning (Core Services Overview) Overview

ColumbiaGrid is one of the four U.S. regional transmission planning entities in the Western Interconnection. The mission of ColumbiaGrid’s grid expansion planning is to identify potential needs and to determine reasonable solutions, or mitigations, pertaining to the reliable long-term planning and use of the Members’ and Qualified Non-Member Parties interconnected transmission systems. In short, ColumbiaGrid’s core grid expansion planning process seeks to answer these fundamental questions:

  • What, Where, and When are the potential future reliability needs of the grid (i.e. independently assessing needs)?
  • What and Which cost-effective and efficient projects should be built to mitigate or solve the reliability needs (i.e. regional collaboration to develop solutions)?
  • Who should build, benefits from, and should pay for the projects (i.e. allocating costs)?

  • ColumbiaGrid's planning mission and process is defined and enabled by the Planning and Expansion Functional Agreement (“PEFA”) and works in conjunction with the regulatory overlay of the Order 1000 Functional Agreement to enable ColumbiaGrid’s Planning Parties to meet their respective FERC Order 890 or Order 1000 requirements.

    Planning and Expansion Agreement

    Order 1000 Agreement

    Order 1000 Regional

    Order 1000 Interregional


    Timeframe: April 2007 - Ongoing

    Status: Active

    Lead Staff:
    Paul Didsayabutra   Contact

    Additional Staff

    09/19/2018 2018 System Assessment Report (v: 2018 System Assessment Report )   

    ...8 System Assessment Report.pdf   download>


    04/27/2018 2018 System Assessment Final Study Plan (v: 2018 System Assessment Final Study Plan)   

    ...ssessment Final Study Plan.pdf   download>


    12/10/2015 WECC Base Case Building Process w/ColumbiaGrid as a Data Representative (v: 1)   

    ...ildingProcesswColumbiaGrid.pdf   download>


    12/23/2013 Order 1000 Functional Agreement 12.17.13 (v: 1)   

    ...ctional Agreement 12-17-13.pdf   download>


    11/07/2012 PEFA Third Amendment and Restatement (10.21.12) (v: 1)   

    ...ndmentRestatement(10-1-12).pdf   download>


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