Project: Biennial Transmission Expansion Plan

Biennial Transmission Expansion Plan Details

ColumbiaGrid’s planning and expansion functional agreement calls for preparation of a biennial transmission expansion plan based on the principle of single-utility planning. The biennial plan is developed in a process described more specifically in Appendix A of that agreement, Planning Process.

The plan addresses a 10-year planning horizon and is intended to identify and resolve the projected needs of parties to the agreement so they can meet long-term firm transmission obligations.  ColumbiaGrid prepares the biennial plan in an open and transparent planning process designed to promote consensus among affected entities, including where projected needs affect more than one transmission system.

ColumbiaGrid began preparing its first biennial plan in mid-2007.  One of the first steps was to gather information on transmission plans from ColumbiaGrid planning parties and from others. We have compiled a list of projects that will help provide the basis for developing a system assessment study and eventually, ColumbiaGrid’s first biennial plan.</p>