Study Team: Dynamic Transfer Capability Task Force

Dynamic Transfer Capability Task Force Overview

Process:  Under the auspices of the Wind Integration Study Team, convene a Taskforce of transmission experts to:

1) Identify the limitations on DTC and quantify the threats to system reliability and costs of increased dynamic transfers;

2) Understand differences in methodology for calculating DTC limits;

3) Characterizing the types of use of DTC for different generators (e.g. Wind vs Coal), Loads ( e.g. internal vs remote load) and Schedules (Regulation, Spinning Reserve, Contingency Reserve, 30 minute static & 60 minute static);

4) Identify possible short-term, medium-term and long-term options for reliably increasing DTC in the Pacific Northwest.



Status: Active

Program Contact:
Gordon Dobson-Mack, Powerex;

12/20/2011 DTC TF Phase 3 Report (Final 12.21.11) (v: 1)   

...3Report(Final-12.21.2011 ).pdf   download>


12/14/2011 BPA Dynamic Transfer Limit Study Methodology Feb 2010 (v: 1)   

...mitStudyMethdology-Feb2010.pdf   download>


12/14/2011 CAISO Impact of Dynamic Schedules on Interfaces (v: 1)   

...edulesonInterfaces-Jan2011.pdf   download>


07/20/2011 DTC TF Phase 2 report (7.20.2011) (v: 1)   

...FPhase2Report _v20July2011.pdf   download>


11/03/2022 PowerTech Dynamic Scheduling Final Report (v: 1)   

...namicSchedulingFinalReport.pdf   download>