Current Programs

Mission and Vision
ColumbiaGrid’s mission is to improve reliability and efficient use of the transmission grid. We perform transmission planning, and develop and implement solutions related to the operation, use, and expansion of the interconnected Northwest transmission system. In carrying out its mission, ColumbiaGrid endeavors to provide sustainable benefits for its members and the region, and considers environmental concerns, regional interests, and cost-effectiveness.

Planning and Expansion
ColumbiaGrid provides single-utility based transmission planning for the combined network of its participating utilities. The goal of the program is to solve transmission issues regarding what should be built, who should build it, and who should pay for it. The participants in the Planning and Expansion program believe the ColumbiaGrid process provides the planning support and coordination needed to get multi-party transmission projects constructed in the region. For information on the Order 1000 Intraregional work please click here. For information on the Order 1000 Interregional work click here.

Development and Analysis
ColumbiaGrid provides objective analytical and technical expertise to identify and develop new services, to study market and transmission efficiency, expansion and utilization, and to analyze methods for improving integration of renewable resources. These efforts support our Members, our Participants, the region, and the Western Grid while advancing our Corporate Mission and Vision.


April 23, 2014   4:00-6:00
Executive Committee Retreat/Seattle

April 24, 2014   8:00-5:00
Executive Committee Retreat/Seattle

April 24, 2014   9:00 - 3:00
Planning Meeting

May 13, 2014   1:30 -3:30
Economic Planning Study Call

May 15, 2014   9:00-1:00
Members' Caucus Mtg/SeaTac

June 05, 2014   9:00 - 3:00
Planning Meeting

June 17, 2014   1:00-5:00
Members' Caucus Mtg

June 18, 2014   9:30-12:00
Board Meeting

July 10, 2014   9:00-1:00
Members' Caucus Mtg/SeaTac

August 14, 2014   9:00 - 3:00
Planning Meeting